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Millenia, the world where it all began...

Millenia is a mythological world where the dragons descended thousands of years ago, causing chaos and destruction to the civilizations that lived there.

It is a planet of exhuberant beauty very similar to Earth, but with one pecualiarity: in this world the dragons nested and positioned themselves at the top of the food chain.

For years these creatures shared the world subjecting all races to their domain. However, their era is about to end.

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nft dragons

Dragons are in the top of the food chain in Millenia

Discover your dragon by minting trough our web. There are up to 10,000 posible combination of unique dragons.

Are you gonna gold the rarest or you will become dragon merchant on the secondary markets. The rarity systems classifies the dragons among 4 main groups: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Each category has its own benefits like more energy to participate in more races or extra power runes.



The four elemental
rulers airdrops

Gaeus Pater

The Father of all dragons landed on the highest mountain on earth from where he ruled with an iron claw for millennia. He is the oldest and wisest of the 4 fathers. His main attribute is his strength and endurance.

As a Dragon’s Race Holder you can accumulate 1% of possibilities for mint Gaeüs Pater for each NFT of the collection in your possession. But beware the loyalty of The Great Father won't last forever.

The benefits of Gaeüs The Great Father will take your wallet for at least 3 months, a passive income of 0.5% of the total earnings in the secondary market and also get a double Race Tokens in each race.

Fla 'Mah

Arised from the fire of a volcano, she embodies fury and anger. She gave shelter to those who worshiped as Goddess and scorching death to her detractors. She represents power.

As the fire she has not any side. You can catch her attention only in special events in which you must venerate the Mother of Fire.

If you hold 3 or more NFT’s of the collection you can have a ticket for the Festival of Fire, in these events there must be at least 99 holders so Fla’Mah shows herself. At the end The Fla’Mah NFT will go directly to the wallet of a lucky holder; giving him/her passive incomes of 0.5% of all transactions of dragons race NFT’s in the second markets and a 25% discount in Power Runes.


The fastest dragon with unparalleled agility. She likes to spend most of her time flying over the earth. She is the most benevolent and represents the element air.

As the Mistress of the Storm, Breezalmüth is wild and free. She values over all things courage and speed. That’s why she will stand in front of the worthy.

If the holders are in the Top 10 of Dragon’s Race leaderboards they can have the opportunity of having this NFT directly in their wallet during 3 months of continuous benefits: Double energy to participate in races and a passive income of 0.5% of total transactions in secondary markets.

Liqüo Magnus

He is the largest of all the dragons that have ever existed. He made seas and oceans his abode where he remains oblivious to what happens in the outside world. He maintains balance and his element is water.

Lord of the Depths has only one side, his own… He’s willing to recreate the world at its own twisted image and sink everything into the darkness of its waters.

To have the possibility of having him in your wallet you must be a heartless being. You can only acquire this father through special auction events only for holders. If you can afford its price you will be the owner of an NFT that will give you a revenue benefit of 1% of the total amount of all minting and transactions for life.

How to play
dragon's race

Collect NFT's

You can acquire an NFT full of art and magic wich due to its limited quantity, will preserve an unimaginable value.

Crypto Racing

Choose your Dragon and compete against other players in a fast and exciting race.

Earn Great Rewards

In this game the rewards will come from anywhere, so with your NFT you can earn daily, weekly and monthly just by playing or holding.

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